Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 16: I'm Faithful

         I wrote "I'm Faithful" in 1990, with no idea of where I might place it.  It is the third entry in this 4-part series.  All my connections were R&B or Jazz.  And this post-New Wave club piece was going to take loads of dough, dropping wax, and greasing palms to do something independently of the majors.  I had watched one of my collaborators (Herschell Masten; White Limousine) dole out big funds doing such.  At the time, buying food and keeping a roof over my family's heads was my other choice of investment.  Aside from the monetary logistics, this was best launched as a Pop thing.  I didn't know anyone with the voice capable of conveying the feel without sounding wannabe.

…then came my newest quarter-brother.  They say you can pick your nose but you can't pick your family.  I was born (and still remain) an only-child; my mother is ninety and for some reason has chosen a life of celibacy since my father's passing four years ago.  So if I am to have brothers and sisters, it is incumbent upon me go draft my own from among the living late-rounders.  Among the new honorees is lil' bro Carey Denha—front-man and benevolent dictator of Mega-80s and the entire TMP grouping [Tangerine Moon Productions].  Carey and I were introduced by Chuck Miller (Formerly of Miller MIDI Studios [and classic studio museum])—who had suggested me to Carey as one to hire to recreate classic synth patches for his 80's tribute band.  The groove somehow made a family.  He had his synth-programmer, recordists, and production executive; and I had my quintessential Pop/Rock [don't listen with soda or your head might explode] male vocalist.

Almost six years after our meeting, here they are together as one:  Carey and "I'm Faithful".

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